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Quality of our components is top-ranking for us.Our sources of supply consist mainly of well-known producers from Germany who are certificated with the quality management system. Therefore our customers are numbered among companies of fields which make high demands on the delivered components. They are the evidence for the high standard of quality of our products.
We adjust us to the efforts of the increased environment protection of our customers as well.You can purchase components of chromium-6 free by us and thereby fulfil the environmental requirements.

Food Industry
Components need an adequate admission if they are used directly in
food production

Varnish Technology
For the use in the varnish technology we supply components free of silicone
to fabricate flawless surface varnish.

Oil Production / Gas Gathering
Components which are delivered in this sector have to meet high safety standards.
If required you will receive certificates for material, approval test and “fire-safe-implementation”.